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Association pour l'Avenir

Welcome to the Web Site of our association. Here you can find out about all our current activities, news, causes and fundraising campaigns, as well as read background information on our commitment to promoting human rights in Iran.

The Iran of today faces immense challenges, from severe water shortages to massive human rights abuses and increasing unemployment and poverty. But Iranians have proven capable of overcoming these challenges in the past and thriving despite setbacks.

After the 1979 revolution and the foundation of the Islamic Republic, Iran has profoundly changed. Fundamental human rights are siystematically violated. Today, Iran has one of the worst human rights violations records worldwide and so far it has claimed more than a million lives.

“Pour l'Avenir”, is an association promoting human rights and freedom in Iran. It was created in 2008 to help the victims of the Mullah's regime in Iran. The association’s founders are themselves exiles from this religious dictatorship, escaping a country where crimes against humanity are committed on a daily basis.

Our mission is to examine and explain the Iran of today while advocating for and shaping a new and better Iran of the future. Our chief goal is to educate European policymakers, the media, and the general public about the historic changes underway in Iran and help formulate policies that will create everlasting peace between Iranians and the global community.

With your help, volunteering work, and donations, we organise and coordinate relief efforts out of Switzerland to help the countless people who have been persecuted and fallen victim to the religious fanatic regime in Iran.

Death Penalty

Capital punishment in Iran.

Public Executions

Briefing news on public executions in Iran.


The situation of political prisoners in Iran.


The situation of freedom of speech and civil rights in Iran.

Iran HR

Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Iran.

HR Activists

Iran is systematically targeting HR activist.


The role of UNHRC: Defending HR in Iran.

UNHRC Commision

Briefing news on UNHRC work in Iran.

Celebrating 8th of March Women's Day

Throughout history, courageous and inspiring women stood up. Despite the hate, they resisted. They fought for equality. For what they believed was right. And their victories became ours. On 8 March, let’s celebrate the millions of women who’ve transformed our lives.

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What We Do

We are a Human Rights group in Geneva, demanding the respect of the Human Rights Convention in Iran and striving to put an end to the suffering of the victims of fundamentalism in Iran.
Association pour l'Avenir exposes human rights abuses in Iran like public executions, torture, violence against women and young people, child abuse among others.
In order to maintain our independence, we accept no money from any government. We rely solely on the generosity of people like you to defend human rights in Iran.
Your donations help to create public awareness of the situation of human rights in Iran.
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Become Sponsor
Your financial contribution to Avenir projects for defending Human Rights in Iran will be acknowledged in our print releases, social networks, in our Web site and in our monthly electronic newsletters.
Come to our events in Geneva, follows us in our Social networks pages and send us your feedback
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Make Donation
We couldn’t achieve our mission without your generosity and solidarity. Help us to bring hope and support to hundreds of thousands victims of Human Right Abuses in Iran.
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Become A Volunteer
We are Defenders of Humanity’s Most Fundamental Values. Want to be part of it?

Thanks to your DONATIONS their VOICES are heard

Through our campaigns and international pressure on the Iranian regime, we have been able to release and resettle Iranian political prisoners in Iraq to a new life in Albania.

We are conducting various campaigns and actions to raise public awareness in order to stop the death penalty in Iran. Faced with a vicious dictatorship in Iran, Iranian women and children pay all possible prices. 

Help us to make their voices heard and to support them in the search for freedom.


Featured NEWS

We focus on the individuals, their stories, their families, their communities. Iran is our primary focus. However, we cooperate with the civil society in the neighboring countries as well.

Whether on their phones, on the streets or in the courtroom, Iranians are trying to push back against tightening restrictions on their freedom of expression, though there are mixed views as to if


After the foundation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, millions of people from ethnic minorities like Azeris, Kurds, Arabs, Balouchs and Turkmens and religious minorities like Baha’is and Sunnis


Iran's many woes briefly went up in smoke on Tuesday as Iranians observed a nearly 4,000-year-old Persian tradition known as the Festival of Fire.

The celebration is held on the last


Le Guide Suprême des mollahs, Ali Khamenei, a gracié l’homme responsable de la torture, du viol et du meurtre de milliers de dissidents en Iran. L’ancien Procureur général de Téhéran, Saied


Malgré un diagnostic de trouble mental et émotionel, Mohammad Kalhori risque une exécution imminente pour un crime qu'il aurait commis à l'âge de 15 ans, a déclaré son avocat, Hossein Aghakhani,


Iran took more than 7,000 people into custody last year in a “shameless campaign of repression,” according to the human rights group Amnesty International. “From underpaid teachers to factory


The French Committee in Support of Human Rights in Iran (CSDHI) called for a major demonstration on Friday, February 8, 2019, against serious and massive human rights violations in Iran and the


EU Foreign and Defence Ministry Condemns Conviction of Nasrin Sotoudeh The diplomatic service and foreign and defence ministry of the EU, European Union External Action (EEAS), has condemned the


Le Rapporteur spécial des Nations Unies sur les droits humains en Iran, Javaid Rehman, présente son rapport annuel au Conseil des droits de l'homme à Genève aux côtés de la vice-présidente du


Iranians wish the removal of Mullah regime through Warsaw Summit The #FreeIranWithMaryamRajavi campaign is gaining grounds by the day and amidst the Warsaw Summit on peace and stability in the


Inside the Women's Ward 2016 Political prisoners held in the Women’s Ward at Iran’s Evin Prison are routinely denied medical care and hospitalization, face severely restricted or denied


A coalition of diverse human rights organizations have signed an open letter supporting the renewal of the UN special rapporteur’s (SR’s) mandate on Iran. Javaid Rehman, a Pakistani-born British

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