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Pir-e Ghar Tourism Area

“Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari” is one of the green and mountainous provinces of Iran.
It is located in the south of Farsan city and a short distance from it, one of the most important promenades in the region. This promenade is known as Pir-e Ghar and is widely welcomed by the audience due to its variety of natural and ancient monuments.

One of the most important attractions of this area is its water springs, which, after merging, create a large river, which has become a factor for the creation of large gardens downstream of this promenade. Boiling springs that have a large volume of water in less places can be seen similar to it.

In another corner of this place, there is a small cave that must be entered in a curved manner. The space inside the cave is small and relatively dark, but a beautiful view of the promenade can be seen from inside the cave. The space inside the cave is empty of natural and artificial decorations.

Another sight of this place is an inscription left from the constitutional era, which was written by order of Sardar Asad Bakhtiari about the events of that period.

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