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Iran, ancient Persia, has one of the richest civilizations and cultures in the world. The great Kouroch wrote in 550 B.C. the first declaration of human rights, which is now in the Louvre. Iran, a land of culture, music and art, has served for centuries as a model for all countries in the Middle East and even the world. In the region, from a geopolitical point of view, Iran occupies a special place, because of the reserves of its subsoil. He owns oil, gas, ores and is known as the pearl of the Middle East. All those who visited Iran were fascinated by the beauty of its art and nature, as well as by the hospitality of its people. Iran has a young, enlightened and courageous population. Unfortunately the image of this beautiful country is bloodied by the fundamentalist oppression that crushes the population. Young people in Iran, despite the absolute repression and censorship, show in the best possible way to the world that the culture of the mullahs is not the authentic culture of this country. They demand freedom and respect for human rights. The brave girls and boys of Iran are making their daily protests in the streets and on the Internet and are sending this cry to the world by all means. But the mullahs respond to these cries of protest by ilegal executions. Iran has the world's highest rate of hangings per capita. We founded the "Association pour l'Avenir" (Association for a Future) to help to build an Iran without torture, without public executions, respectful of human rights.

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We hold information stands and organise conferences and exhibitions. We alert the public and the mass media in Switzerland about the situation of human rights in Iran in order to raise awareness and break silence.

As a registered NGO roster to the UN Human Right Council, we denunce human rights violations committed by the Iranian regime, and we aim to protect people in danger and to prevent crimes against humanity being commited against iranian people. Thanks to our international campaigns, including a three-year sit-in in Geneva for Ashraf and Liberty Camps in Iraq, we have been able to involve the UN and other organizations in our causes.

We need to turn words into action through a legal and parliamentary campaign and to succeed we are urged of your support.

We are a human right defense group in Geneva, fighting to end the suffering of victims of Islamic fundamentalism in Iran.

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